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The totality of education in not confined within the covers of textbooks and the scope of education far exceeds that of the classroom. A range of co-curricular personality enhancing activities and hobby classes planned gives students opportunity to develop their talents and grow into confident adults. Values and life skills inculcated in class rooms and through student teacher interactions help students grow into individuals who can make meaningful contribution to society.

Our School will offer a full range of facilities to inculcate skills, encourage hobbies and help the athletic flourish in sports. It will organize debates, dramas, adventure expeditions and social science projects to mould well-rounded characters and instill the right value systems.

The main school building will accommodate the classrooms, as well as the laboratories, library, computer, art, music, craft, language rooms etc. Among service facilities there are the canteen and infirmary to cater to the hungry and unwell. There are locker rooms to secure private belongings of the students. Also central to the school building is a large multi-purpose room where several classes can congregate for group programmes.


The School will have computer laboratories with state of the art computer to provide students with first hand experience of its varied applications and possibilities both at junior and senior levels.

Incorporating the use of multi-media technology, computer aided learning along with computer education will add a new dimension to the curriculum. Teaching becomes more interactive and fun besides developing student`s receptivity to ever modernizing instructional methods thus reinforcing the School`s mission of preparing the students for tomorrow.


Functions, celebrations, entertaining and recreation activity of the school brings joy and happiness to the students. These include celebration of Independence Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Teachers Day, Children`s Day, Saraswati Puja, Annual Function, Annual Sports etc.